Revision to Correct Deviated Septum

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Hi.I had revision rhinoplasty to correct a...


I had revision rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum that wasnt sorted first time about seven weeks ago.Ever since I came out I had had a bump on the side of the nose that looks like a spot and once slightly above that doesntt seem to be going down.

I understand the nose can take up to a year to heal but this is really getting me down as the bumps are drawing attention to the nose as they are visible and wasnt like it prior to surgey.Did make reference to it at the first follow up appointment and was told will hopefully settle and I had thin skin and there are fillers if doesnt. I had made another appointment for just over a week.

Have noticed other parts of the nose slowly getting better but this side doesnt so Im thinking could it be the edge of cartilage pushing through.The one mark about the other is not as visible but still there.Please see photo.

Seven weeks ago op carried out.Too early to say I guess but extremely worried about it.Please see photo. What options are available in the short term because I dont want to have to wait months to see whether this settles while it is visible? Could steroids or a dermal filler cover the mark temporary until swelling goes down? Any advice would be appreciated.Thank you very much indeed for any advice.
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