Will my Over-projected and Slightly Crooked Nose Post-op Diminish over Time?

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Pros: Not as painful as I anticipated. Surgeon had...

Pros: Not as painful as I anticipated. Surgeon had great communication with me which I feel is vital prior to any surgical procedure. Profile looks completely straight.

Cons: Inevitably, post-opp was reasonably uncomfortable. Nose still feels congested as if I have a cold. I appreciate the fact there is still swelling, but tip of nose looks very over-projected and there still seems to be a slight bump on one side of my nose making it appear crooked.

Why I had rhinoplasty: Had a large over-projected tip and a bump in my nose which was larger on one side, making it appear crooked.

Will my over-projected and slightly crooked nose...

Will my over-projected and slightly crooked nose post-op diminish over time? -- Updated on Aug 29, 2009: Immediately when the cast was taken off I saw a considerable difference. Finally I had a perfectly straight profile and the crookedness seemed completely eradicated!However, the tip still looks over projected and I am concerned that my surgeon was being too careful in not 'de-projecting' it enough; which was my other major concern. In fact, the length is now even more noticable; now that the bump is gone, there is more focus on the fact it is a long, large nose. If my surgeon says he did take back the tip a bit, is there a good chance there is quite a bit of swelling? To me it just looks exactly the same minus a bump. My surgeon said to me he was taken aback by the minimal swelling I had which makes me think I won't see much of a noticable change in the future :( Help would be appreciated, Thanks
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Great communication, very emminent surgeon within my area.

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