Uneven Nostril Blues Please Help - Miami, FL

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Pros of rhinoplasty= the idea of having long term...

Pros of rhinoplasty= the idea of having long term satisfaction, virtually painless, and low complications.

Cons of rhinoplasty= uncertainty of projected outcome,down time, swelling, breathing through mouth at first, irritating splint and taping, suture removal.

I did this procedure because i have always considered myself a very beautiful women but i wanted small refinement, i believe there is always room for great improvement

uneven nostrils what are my options, 11 days post op, not interested in revision, i want the smaller nostril larger not smaller, please help with any advice, and if i was to entertain revision what exactly am i up against? does stretching the skin around the rim of my small nostril using compressed cotten or some small device help any? if so would it shift the conumella

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over qualified cranial sacral specialist, ENT, and a slew of other credentials, he is always trying to learn more,ver innovative, listens, and great bedside manner

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