Swollen Tip and Hump After Open Rhinoplasty

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Always hated the shape of my nose and finally...

Always hated the shape of my nose and finally decided to have it reduced.

Surgery went well--I did not experience any pain or complications and my surgeon was very professional and caring.

Very upset with the fact that I have yet to notice the results in the hump and that the tip appears to be changing back after almost a month.

I have undergone an open rhinoplasty almost 4...

I have undergone an open rhinoplasty almost 4 weeks ago. I was looking to reduce the hump on the nasal bridge and correct the supratip. My cast was removed after 7 days, and I could immediately see the difference in the tip, but my bridge looked as if it had not been altered at all. If anything, it appears larger. In my concerns, I e-mailed my surgeon who assured me that the hump had been removed and that it is likely just swelling, but it feels hard as bone and has not changed in size since the cast came off. I am so worried that this is permanent. Also now, almost 3 weeks after the cast came off, my tip appears to have returned to it's original bulbous form. Is this normal? I can feel that there is swelling here, but over the past two weeks it seems to be gradually returning to it's original form. Will this go away? I am just so distressed, as it has been almost a month after my surgery and I still do not see any difference or improvement in my nose at all. Is it still to early to tell? Will the bony hump disappear in time? I have done everything my surgeon has instructed to ensure proper healing, and am just so upset that I do not see any improvement yet.
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