Wanted to Reduce Nasal Hump and Reshape Tip, Create More Feminine Profile - Florida, FL

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Rhinoplasty to reduce the hump and reshape the tip...

Rhinoplasty to reduce the hump and reshape the tip. I did it to create a more feminine profile, but the process has taken much longer than I had expected or was informed. I did not expect the swelling to last so long and did not expect the painful follow-up procedures.

Since my rhinoplasty a year ago, I have had 2 procedures to rasp the nasal dorsum. The tip looks great, but the upper part of my nose still looks swollen on the top and on the sides. It almost looks like 2 separate segments.

I did my research and know I have a top doctor, but am questioning whether it is typical to do this? What is the purpose of rasping the nasal dorsum? How long should I expect it to take until my nose looks straight and smooth?

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