Poor Mending Job

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Sigh. I'm not happy w/how my nose is morphing and...

Sigh. I'm not happy w/how my nose is morphing and I regret not doing more research on the PS. In my 2nd visit, I told the PS my concerns & that I was not happy that he did not do what I had requested & thought we agreed on the procedures. I got the Oper Report and he surprisingly wrote that I was happy with the outcome.

Overall: Bad experience.

I have 4 small visible holes on the sides of each ala due to a poor jagged suturing job. In between two of the holes on one ala, the skin is pulled & its even more jagged. I don't want the ps who performed the rhino to touch my nose again since he sutured incorrectly. The area where the holes are feel tingly and I'm wondering if I'll get an infection if the holes are not closed?
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read above. did what he wanted and not what i requested.

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