Rhinoplasty and Revision (Stopped Halfway) for Bump

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Hi, I had a rhinoplasty about 8 years ago and was...

Hi, I had a rhinoplasty about 8 years ago and was unhappy with the results. I had a second surgery on my nose shortly after my initial rhinoplasty under twilight unaesthetic to fix the bump but this was not finished as I was nervous and the surgeon stopped the procedure.

pros - nose is smaller

cons- nose is too different to original nose I had, would have liked subtle change. nose is uneven and assymetrical, have very small nostrils. Felt I looked more attractive before.

I had the surgery because I became very self-conscious of the appearance of my nose after been teased relentlessly during my teens.

I recently went to a consulation and the surgeon informed me I had an 'open roof'. Can you please explain to me what this is exactly. I also got offered a Hydroxyapatite implant to fix the defects on my nose. Is this a safe alternative? I would also like to know whether I would be a suitable candidate for a revision rhinoplasty as I have had two surgeries previously? Would I still be able to have a revision rhinoplasty after this?
Consultation with Dr Campos and Dr Duran, surgery performed by Dr Duran.

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