Third Revision Rhinoplasty - Worried About Nose Collapsing (Alar Collapse)

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This is my fourth rhinoplasty. I had open...

This is my fourth rhinoplasty. I had open rhinoplasty (two weeks post op.). Everything seems okay except for nostrils. I'm noticing that one nostril is slanting in and other is straight up (it's not noticeable looking at my face but when I lift my head up, I can tell). My

ENT said he will have to monitor my nose from collapsing because first plastic surgeon took all my cart. to build up tip and dorsum. Will nose collapse within next couple of months or much later? I don't want another surgery!

What are the signs of alar collapse? Do I have the first sign of one nostril slightly slanting inwards? Will my breathing diminish over time? Is there anything I can do so I don't have to have another surgery?

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I would only recommend my ENT because he oversees breathing as well as aesthetic

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