Rhinoplasty & Revision but my Breathing Still Isn't Right (22 Years Old)

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I had my rhinoplasty on jan2007 ever since i had...

I had my rhinoplasty on jan2007 ever since i had my surgery my breathing felt very obstructed in the first months. i just tought i was healing but i tought wrong so i waited two years to figure out answers.

i found out that my whole nose was collapsed internal n external. i had an inverted v deformity rhinnitis all day long i took clarinex claritin nose sprays nothin really helped...i was hopeless for the future so i went on consultations for a revision because i just couldnt take it any longer.

so i finally had my revision 4 months ago my nose looks much better now i was always realistic my inverted v is gone as well as my polly beak but my breathing... i dont know i cant even describe it its so dry and its now difficult for me to swallow i have to catch my breath all the time and my nose is always runny i always have mucus in my troath too.

My question is how could of this happen? im a 22 year old female before my surgey i was really healty and now i feel trapped in another body that suffers every day. Does anyone honestly breathe normal after following A rhinoplasty???

Can a patient become terminably ill after a rhinoplasty?

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Please do so much reaserch after going trough with it its always good to talk to the drs own patients

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