Hump Regrowth Following Nose Rasp

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I am a 30 years old Asian woman.One year ago I had...

I am a 30 years old Asian woman.

One year ago I had a nose rasp done on my nose to remove a small hump on my bridge and a gore-tex implant inserted to raise the height. Only 10 days post surgery I could see a hump on the bridge. 4 weeks ago I went back to my surgeon who confirmed hump regrowth and he performed a second nose rasp and put in a new gore-tex implant for free. Now I can see a slight hump on my nose and I am wondering whether this is normal and if I should expect it to grow even bigger (now it's four weeks post surgery)?

The consultation is virtually non-existent. This might be due to a language barrier. The surgeon does not seem to think that the patients will benefit from any information other than the bare minimum. However, the surgeon does what he thinks is best for you and not what he thinks he will earn the most money from, which is a very positive thing.

The post op care is very good although the nurses don't speak English they seem to know what they are doing.

Is it normal that a nasal hump on the bridge regrows after a nose rasp? Also, why do you think my surgeon said that gore-tex would be a safer option for me in the revision surgery than silicone (I had gore-tex before)considering my history of hump regrowth (I do have very thin skin on my nose though)?
BK DongYang

If you expect very good results from an experienced surgeon and don't mind a conveyor belt service.

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