Revision of Tummy Tuck Scar/Cost

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I was unhappy with my body shape, I am slightly...

I was unhappy with my body shape, I am slightly overweight (5KGs) and thought this would give me the push - I had a Breast Reduction at the same time and it was really to give a better appearance

My scar is too high - Its like an frown as aposed to a smile! you can see it through clothes (fat above scar)I can't wear bikinis, you can see it above my jeans, underwear!

Should I pay for the revision - how much would be avaverage? What should i pay for (my breasts are still large (two sizes larger that agreed(apox)! Not too sure I am happy with my tummy button scar - you can see it, is this normal?

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Although I am not fully satisfied - the scarring is excellent

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