Restylane Reabsorbs Too Quickly for Genetic Cheek Depressions

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I've been getting Restylane injected since I was...

I've been getting Restylane injected since I was 25 years of age (now 32) around the mouth and in my upper cheeks to fill symmetrical genetic cheek depressions.

I know its longevity depends on many factors, but I feel different doc injection techniques are the reason behind the same treatment lasting more than 3 months or less than 3 months. I travel quite a bit and don't have the luxury of going to the same doc.

My provider rocks. Their RN injects perfectly every time and her technique lasts longest. 3 months or more.... Technique used by Le Beau Visage in Dallas lasted less than 2 months. Same product. Same treatment area. All done within this same year. What gives with the technique used?

Is it possible that the injection is too deep if the product is not lasting as long? What depth is best for genetic cheek depressions and around the mouth?
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nancy, RN - Skin Deep Laser Med Spa in Pasadena

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