Restylane Let Me Look Rested!

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I had restylane injected in to the tear troughs to...

I had restylane injected in to the tear troughs to help my chronic dark circles.

Even through the numbing cream it did smart quite a bit, and the sounds! There were crunching sounds that weren't so pleasant, but it was all worth it to wake up in the morning and not have a half hour spackle job of applying layers of primer and concealer and setting powders. I only required 1cc, and she didn't use all of it, so we put it in the marionette lines (running from nose to mouth).

I had a little beading the first couple of days, which I hear is a common complaint, but the practitioner had me press on it for 15 seconds several times through the day and it's gone.

I LOVE not having dark circles! It is one of the greatest luxuries. I highly recommend this procedure. I also recommend researching your practitioner or MD.

Debbie, an R.N. at Calidora Skin Clinic

She trained for the whole area. I had to wait quite a bit longer to get her, but I wanted the most experienced available.

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