Restylane for Upper Cheek to Blend in the Lower Eye Lids

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*Treatment results may vary

I had restylane injected into the upper cheeks and...

i had restylane injected into the upper cheeks and lower eye lids.

the doctor told me he didnt go down under the muscle. i had 2cc for both eyes on may 18. afew day later i can see the bags we're coming june 2 he useed 1cc to do a touchup on both eyes. i now still see bumpy/uneveniness. also a blue tint in both eyes.

i read postings we're its the injector who doesn't go deep enough under the muscle.and if he dosen't go deep you may get these if i have it all removed will the bumps/lumps and blue tint go away. and their is down time with fillers. i did get black & blue from the needle and 10 days. so i had downtime because of this.

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