Tear Trough Swelling

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I had restlyane injected to solve a minor tear...

I had restlyane injected to solve a minor tear trough problem. I had every faith in the practitioner and was shown before and after pictures of previous patients having had the same procedure. However 11 days on and I am left with a swelling under my right eye which looks makes my cheek look indented and like I've been punched in certain light. I am beside myself with worry.

My doctor saw me 2 days ago and assured me that is was still swelling due to the injection site. However I am terrified that I will be stuck like this as the swelling does not seem to have changed over the last few days.

I understand that if necessary that the restylane can be dissolved but am concerned that in doing this my own tissue could be damaged permanenly? I would be grateful of any advise as to whether this is possible or if a prolonged swelling in this area is common. I just wish I'd left them alone.
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