Restylane - Great Results in Lips but Feels Lumpy

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I had half a syringe of Restylane two weeks ago,...

I had half a syringe of Restylane two weeks ago, this was my first time having a injectable in my lip so I decided to start out small.

The procedure wasn't too painful, the only pain I had was from the local anaesthetic being was just like at the dentist. I didn't feel anything but pressure when they injected the Restylane. My lips didn't look too swollen after I had the procedure and after the anaesthetic wore off I only had minimal pain...until the morning! When I woke up the next day they were swollen and uneven, I expected this but I was worried when the right side of the upper lip swelled at least twice the size of the left side, the swelling on the right side was like a oval hard lump and it was very painful. I had some bruising on my lower lip and my lips felt tender all over.

I iced my lips every two hours for 20 minutes for the following days, it took four days for my lips to look normal albeit still uneven.

I did have some small lumps so I massaged those during the first week, it did help but I do still have some small lumps in my lips, they're not visible I can only feel them. Five days after the procedure my lips looked more even and were pain free.

It's been two weeks since I had them down and my lips are perfect now, totally even, they don't look 'ducky' and look very natural. I definitely will be getting it redone despite the swelling, pain and lumps, small price to pay for nice lips!

Updated on Sep 22, 2009
This is my second review for Restylane and it's been less than 24 hours since I had the injections but I can tell I'll be happy with the results.

I had half a syringe in my lips early August, the Restylane didn't last as long in my top lip, it was still plumped but looked uneven with my bottom lip.

I decided not to get the block this time, just had topical anaesthetic and used the Zimmer Cryo cooler before each injection. It did hurt but it was tolerable, I'll definitely be doing it this way from now on.

The only con is I've developed a large bruise which is not able to be concealed. So far the swelling is not too bad, there are no lumps and they're very even.

Updated Sep. 21, 2009 -- Today I had Restylane for the second time in my lips. Within 20 minutes of the injections I noticed a large area of pale blue bruising on the left side of the upper lip. Within 3 hours the bruise spread above the lip border where and the bruise on my lip has turned a dark purply-red. I had minimal bruising the first time I had Restylane so I was quite shocked at how bad this bruise is. I didn't take asprin, advil or anything else that could thin the blood for about 8 days before the procedure. Is this a bruise I should be worried about? Does anyone have any tips to make it heal faster? I've been icing it for 20 minutes every few hours, should I use heat compresses instead? I love the way the lips look now, they're swollen but they look great so it's such a shame I have this horrible bruise, it doesn't even cover with concealer and lipstick. Any tips, advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
Karina Zorn, Spa Medica

I highly recommend, they're wonderful. My provider is a Laser and injectable nurse at the clinic. She's very experienced. If you want one of the cosmetic surgeons to do the procedure it an additional $200.

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