Rediesse & Annoying Red Streaking!

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I did Radiesse to treat stage 1 facial lipoatrophy...

I did Radiesse to treat stage 1 facial lipoatrophy. I was impressed with the immediate results. I also liked the fact that I still have some of the Radiesse cartridge left over for a retreat (if needed).

I felt the procedure was very painful the syringe was entering into facial muscle tissue and caused some minor bleeding. The pain was gone within a few hours. When I was home I used Arnica montana gel and sublingual pellets to resolve redness and any discomfort.

The Radiesse is a very durable substance and massaging the area doesn't always make it smooth. I can still feel the product in my face. The "kissable" (noticeability) test on the Radiesse website is very misleading.

The only signs of the procedure I have left are red streaks that outline the treatment areas. No matter what I do massage, ice and alternative treatments nothing resolve this. How long will this last? Will this be permanent? and is there any way of correcting this?

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If I choose do do this again I would go to a plastic surgeon not an HIV specialist doing cosmetic dermatology procedures.

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