Marionette Lines - Horrified at First, Getting a Little Better

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I had Radiesse injections done one week ago to the...

I had Radiesse injections done one week ago to the marionette lines around my mouth. Done by a very qualified plastic sureon, who has been using Radiesse for 5 years.

No anesthetic at all, quite painful. I think I have a pretty high pain threshold, it hurt. Very hot sensation as the filler went up through my face which lasted for a little while. The doc was wonderful and explained all of this to me before hand.

When I left the office it just looked red. Within hours I had bruising so bad I didn't think it would ever go away. I do take medication for migraines which contain asprin, so this was my fault. The doctor asked me to stop any asprin containing products 10 days before procedure which I did not do.

As the days went on I became more and more horrified because the bruising and swelling would not go away. I was told the recovery time would be a few days. I am a teacher so it is a good thing I waited until summer to do this because I could not have gone back to work for at least a week.

Here it is one week later and I still have some slight bruising which I can cover well with make-up. I think the line looks better,on one side anyway. The side with the deeper line is still not completely gone and I am almost wondering if the filler migrated more to the outside of the deep line making it look deeper, I think it could be an optical illusion going on with the bruise.

Doc wanted me to go back in three weeks to see if more filler is needed. I will not do this. I am going to be happy with what I have so far. The good news is that the people that I did not tell have not really noticed anything. My mom said that I look very rested.

I will keep you posted as the days pass on. Hoping that things settle in even more with each passing day.

Final recommendation, RESEARCH RESEARCH before you do anything, and ask ALOT of questions.One more thing I want to note is that my doc recommended not touching the injected area at all, not even with ice, for 24 hours.

coastal plastic surgery center

I went to a fully qualified plastic surgeon to have this done. Do not go any other way, pay the extra money and do it right.

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