Tear Trough Filler - Doesn't Look Any Different. Don't Know What to Do. - New Hampshire

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Hi I had Radiesse plus an additional filler...

Hi I had Radiesse plus an additional filler (can't remember the name, but it was "something" Silk) one week ago. I had it put in for both nasalobial folds and tt.

When the dr. first did it, it looked GREAT! And, for two days after, I was pleased. Now that the swelling is down, I'm not so pleased. The nasalobial folds look GREAT, but the tt's, well..they only look very slightly better than before I had the procedure done. I still look very tired, dark circles and lines. I have asked a couple of people for their opinions and they see no difference.

I am not sure what to do. I have a follow-up appointment in 4 weeks, but I don't want to keep throwing money at this if I have a bad provider or if it just isn't going to work. However, I do feel like I should probably give her a chance to fix it. I also don't have a lot more money to spend. I don't know waht to do, or what to ask, or what to expect.

Photo attached was taken this morning.

Tear Trough filler not looking great- not sure how to proceed or what to ask on follow-up appointment.

As an update, I had a bit more Radiesse put in....

As an update, I had a bit more Radiesse put in. Seems I'm double challenged- age and heredity!

After the second time, it definitley made a big difference in my appearance. The only drawback that I've experienced is that it did create a small fold under one of my eyes. It is not as bad as the bags and circles were though, and I am happy with the results.

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