Smart Lipo with Vaser on Abdomen and Flanks

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I came out of the operating room five hours ago....

I came out of the operating room five hours ago. The surgeon used Vaser and followed with Smart Lipo. The difference even with swelling is very pleasing. I am mid-thirties male with wife and kids. I struggled with the idea of having lipo as a man but finally decided I was sick of my embarrassing belly. I am healthy, in good shape, work out and eat fairly well but could never shake it.

Short of spending five hours a day in the gym and eating like a squirrel, I thought spending five hours in the operating room and a few weeks recovery was the way to finally get rid of my problem areas. {Edited by Sharon: provider information appears above the review for registered users} performed the procedure. He is not a plastic surgeon but a general surgeon and frankly did an excellent job and his wife/nurse assisted and was wonderful.

They called me at home tonight just to check me. Good service. One additional nurse also assisted. They removed 2 liters - equivalent to a 2 liter coke - of fat from me!

I highly recommend this procedure and doctor. Photo's are from immediately after the procedure so I am still swollen.


Updated: July 21, 2009

I had an excellent experience and 80 days Post Op look like a new man! I am very satisfied and would do it again in a heart beat

Should the area around my pelvic region below the belly button been treated as part of Smart/Lipo with Vaser or is that area not able to be treated? Though it's only something I can see with my clothes off sitting in the shower, that area has a "pooch" and the skin is loose. It was clearly not part of the treatment.

I am a little concerned that as I age this area will get more loose and possibly be noticeable when dressed. Should my doctor go back and treat that area at no charge or do I need to pay more to have it done again? This is no slight against my doctor, he did a fantastic job. This part was just not expected and nor a "big deal" overall.

I will ask my doctor at the next appt. but I wanted a Doc's opinion here. If you are doing abdomen and flanks is the pelvic region part of that treatment?
Dr. Craig Bozeman

I look much better! No complaints.

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