ProFractional W/MicroLaser Peel

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I had never had any treatments like these before...

I had never had any treatments like these before and overall my experience with the ProFrac/Microlaser peel was ok - I say ok only because it scared the crap out of me, it was loud, it smelled bad, and some of it was painful despite having numbing cream & injections. I was given atavan (sp?) which is like a valium or something, but unfortunately I was so on edge, I wasnt able to feel it and didnt relax at all!

After the treatment was over then put this cream on your face that stops the burning feeling, which was fine except at first it makes it burn worse lol. I looked like freddy kreuger for the first few days, and was not confident I would be mostly normal again in 7-10 days or so. But I was pleasantly surprised, I did go back to normal, with the exception of the pixels, they are still noticeable, but my doctor assures me this will go away.

Overall if I do get a good end result, I would be ok with doing this again now that I am prepared for it.

I had ProFractional w/Microlaser peel about 4wks ago (I don't know the exact depths they went)and I dont really have anymore redness, but I do still have all the pixels on my face, and at first my pores were small and skin was smooth, but now my face is starting to look blah and the pores are back along with the pixels, my doctor assures me the pixels will disappear and that the best results are seen at the 8wk mark, I really hope I didnt spend all that time & money for nothing.
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Dr. was really informative, very friendly and had a very calming effect. I would def. go see him for other procedures that I have on my list.

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