My Teeth Won a Gold Medal!

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I was a dental assistant many years ago out of...

I was a dental assistant many years ago out of high school so I know a little about it. I am 59 yrs old now. I had my front upper 8 teeth veneered two years ago. My natural teeth were "ok" but, all the same length and some old porcelain fillings, etc. I always wanted the two front ones to look bigger & longer (it makes you look younger) so I told my dentist to make them as large as posssible and turn the laterals in a bit to make the centrals even more prominant.

We picked a shade as light as possible but, near my natural teeth color so it didnt look weird. I went to three top cosmetic dentists before picking mine (and he was the most expensive) but, truly, in this case, you get what you pay for. He is Nationally renowned.

I have had friends go to Costa Rico and it was a third of what it is here but, they had to get them redone here in the States or they just were not great! It also is very important that the lab that makes the veneers is the best also. Mine are very translucent and that makes them look real.

I also wore a temporary bridge that simulated the shape I would end up with for three weeks to make sure that I liked the shape, etc. before the final impression was sent out to the lab. That way you can make any changes that are need or desired.

He entered them in a dental contest and they won first prize! I have people comment constantly on how beautiful my teeth are and they look real. It took at least 15 years off me!I just LOVE them and how they look. ps there should be no pain after they are done at all.

The temporary bridge was uncomfortable and sensitive to hot and cold and I did not like that but, when the permanent veneers went on they fit like a glove and are very comfortable.

Wellington Dentist

He is simply the Best

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