Pixel, Botox and Radiesse Look Great

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I am an MD who is very careful about who I allow...

I am an MD who is very careful about who I allow to work on my face and what procedures are safe and actually work. For the money, the most natural and cost-effective treatments are these.

There is some slight discomfort with the Pixel treatments, but if one considers that this is an elective procedure, it's easy to get through the 7 day recovery. Pixel improved the texture of my skin and removed sun damage. It also improved the crepe paper skin under my eyes.

A word of caution: Real Self readers should specifically ask what training the provider has. As an MD myself, I only allow board certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon or ENTs treat me, AND, I also require that they have done a fellowship (extra year of training) in cosmetic procedures. There are many non-qualified people out there, and the state medical board only requires an "MD" to perform the service, regardless of training. Would you want a psychiatrist to work on your face? Ask, and pay a little extra, if need be. It's worth it.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

He is board certified in Dermatology (4 years of training) and has a cosmetic fellowship (1 extra year). He suggests only procedures that really work and has an artistic, perfectionistic approach. Especially with the fillers, he doesn't over inject, so you look natural.

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