Had No Effect on my Scars and Caused Hyperpigmentation (Olive Skin Tone)

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I had pixel done on a variety of scars some...

I had pixel done on a variety of scars some indented and some raised about a month ago. I was told everything was supposed to heal in 2-3 weeks however I am left with dark hyperpigmentation around the areas treated.

I have olive skin, yet I was told that despite my skin tone I should be fine becasue the Pixel would not cause hyper or hypo pigmentation. I am really botehred. Why did I spend so much money on this? NONE of my scars improved in the slightest bit, even the ones taht were "superficial." Howver I am beyond worrying about that now, what I am worried about is the moderate to severe hyperpigmentation left behind.

I dont reccomend this laser to anyone. :(

Dr. Robert Bottone

HE does not explain the risks of the procedure to you and he gives you wrong information. Staff is horrible and rude.

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