Piggy Nose 1 Month After Rhinoplasty?

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I had Rhinoplasty surgery in association with...

I had Rhinoplasty surgery in association with surgery needed for medical surgery to improve my breathing and repeated tonsillitus. It was done together to reduce time off work and reduce costs.

The Dr assures me he only took 2mm off the bottom (the angle of my nose was prob 75-80deg before and is now more like 115-120deg). I had a very bulbous nose which turned down when I smiled as well as a large hump.

I had a lot of surgeries done at once (Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty, turbinate reduction and tonsillectomy). I am happy because I can breathe better and the large hump has gone from my nose but the the thing I emphasised before surgery was that I did not want a piggy nose and it still seems to be quite piggy.

It has gone down a bit since the taping etc was removed but not by a lot. My Dr says the tip is still swollen and hard and as this swelling reduces it will drop. It does not feel swollen to me, just hard. I am doing massages that push the tip down as suggested- is there anything else that will make the tip drop?

Will it drop further and how long until it looks reasonably normal?

Oh and for those of you who tell you no-one will notice and you will look like a better version of you- be careful this may not be true. In my case only the least observant people did not notice. It has made a dramatic change to how I look, which has been hard to deal with...

I have seen lots of people ask about an upturned piggy type nose in the few days after rhinoplasty but wonder how much it will go down more than a month after surgery?
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He is dismissive of my concerns and gets flustered when I ask questions.

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