Permanent Make-Up is an Art So Find a Good Artist!

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I have seen some pretty bad examples of permanent...

I have seen some pretty bad examples of permanent make-up. It is basically a tattoo and very permanent. If you've ever seen regular tattoos you know there is a HUGE range of tattoos in terms of skill and *artistry*. In some ways even more so than light peels or other cosmetic procedures, you want to find the most skilled hand to do this to you.

I went to one of the top aesthetic medi salons to get the permanenet make-up done. The owner penciled in the design but one of the random assistants actually tattooed it in. And she made it uneven.

You look REALLY bad after the first week or two afterwards, the color is very heavy and exxagerated and you will not fool anyone into thinking that you did *not* have it done.

As it settles down the color really changes and lightens.

It takes multiple applications before you are "done" so the second time I went in the owner finished the job.

My eyebrows looked startling (thick and black) for a few weeks but now it is very subtle and I like it.

However, the line totally does not follow my natural eyebrow line so for me to truly follow the tattoo I would have to shave/wax my eyebrows to blend with it. It is still an improvement over what I had.

Permanent make-up can do for you eyebrows what no amount of waxing or plucking can do. It can totally change the shape of your eyebrows, fill in spare brows, and extend the line.

If you've ever done your make-up poorly (or seen others with bad makeup) you know you do NOT want that permanently done to you. Even if the technician has skill to follow a line if they don't have the artistic sense to create a nice line, you will end up looking cheap.

Also, tattoos will NEVER *fully* fade. Lasers can only fade tattoos but you will have a hard time removing them completely. It's also painful and expensive.

So pick your tattoo artist carefully!

I don't remember how much it cost.

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Make sure your tattoo artist that you consult with is the one who will tattoo you and not a random person. Make sure they can do make-up in addition to being able to make a tattoo.

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