Absolutely Fabulous Eyebrows and Eyeliner

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I recently had permanent eyebrows and upper lid...

I recently had permanent eyebrows and upper lid eyeliner done, and I'm just tickled with both procedures. I had them done by different people, partly due to cost, but both women did wonderful jobs.

My eyebrows have always been very light, and had recently begun to thin - they barely showed at all, and any eyebrow penciling I did myself disappeared during the day. It took me a week to get used to seeing actual eyebrows over my eyes, but now I love them.

My eyeliner is perfect - just the right thickness and no gaps or holes in the color. She got in between every eyelash and the difference in my eyes is really unbelievable. I could never put on eyeliner because my skin is oily and pencils just skipped over the very sensitive and thin lid skin, then anything that did stick would disappear (or reappear on my cheeks) during the day.

I don't have much time to apply makeup, and both of these procedures are perfect for me. It is amazing to wake up and actually look pretty good! I'm going to have my lips done in a couple of weeks.

I expect it will be a bit more painful than the brows or lids (which weren't bad with the numbing cream), but worth it. I am fully expecting it to take 4 or 5 days to heal, but I'm willing to go through that for the result.

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Both people knew what they were doing - one was more expensive than the other.

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