Permanent Makeup Lips

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I had my lips outlined and then filled in with...

I had my lips outlined and then filled in with colour. I had this done six months ago because I wanted them to look fuller and more youthfull.

The result is excellent and I am very happy with the treatment. I did a lot of research and realised that the result really depended on who you choose to do it. My lady was trained to a very high standard, used a good system (Cosmedic), had a flair for colour and I got a first-class enhancement. You are told to bring along your lip liner and lip stick but I forgot, she mixed the colour she thought would suit me and it was exactly what I usually wore!

My lips were lined just above my lip line to give the appearance of a fuller lip with pigment then coloured all over. It is done a second time one month later and this is included in the price.

It is not worth getting this done on the cheap, it would look terrible if it went wrong and can also fade very quickly.

If you are thinking about having this done I totally recomend my practitioner. The lips are numbed with cream first and although it does not hurt it kind of tickels and makes your eyes walter but well worth it.

Ruth Carter, or 07956844772

Cosmedic Practitioners have all been trained to very high standards and use state-of-the art equipment. Their flair for colour and artistic aptitude ensures a first-class enhancement.(yes I did copy that of leaflet but it's true!)

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