45 Years Old, Perlane is Worth It but Prepare for Downtime

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I had Perlane treatment two days ago. I had 2...

I had Perlane treatment two days ago. I had 2 syringes injected, as I was told with only one, I would see improvement, but not correction. I was prepared for some swelling,and slight bruising,but I also seem to have very slight bleeding from one injection site. I have been appying ice to help with swelling, and Witch Hazel, but also wanted to know if I can apply Neosporin,or some other antibiotic ointment to help with the healing process.

My experience was ok. I do have some swelling,some bruising, and I do have more discoloration than I had anticipated, but overall,the results are very good.

The lines are gone, just expect some down time. If you don't have it, great, if you do, you are prepared. I guess in my experience,I will defer to the old saying, "No pain, No gain". Overall, I will say it was worth it.

It did seem that the number of injections were a bit excessive, as each side of my mouth received about 6-8injections per side. As I don't really know the norm, I don't know if this was really excessive or not? I am 45 years old, and my lines were semi deep, so this might be totally normal?

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