Beware of Shingles and Cold Sores! - Palo Alto, CA

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Dr.Schrammek green peel. Wanted to get rid of some...

Dr.Schrammek green peel. Wanted to get rid of some old acne spots (mild pigmentation) and improve overall skin condition.

Everything was fine (well.. irritating, but I was ready to suffer) until day 3d, when all of a sudden blisters developed all over my face! Very painful and just.. terrible. As with any viral infection of this kind, everything hurts like hell - my neck, my ears, my eyes, my lymph nodes and let alone the entire face :( Emergency care is already closed for the day, so I have to wait till morning to get to the doctors office and get some help.

Unfortunately - and I learned it too late - people with history of cold sores might develop such reactions. I wish I knew it before the procedure! So here is the warning, ladies, be careful!

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