PIH from IPL Burn

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3years ago I developed 2 spots of pigmentation...

3years ago I developed 2 spots of pigmentation either side of my top lip after a holiday to Greece, I had IPL 4 times each time setting was increase and the results were good, never faded completetly but couldnt see it under makeup. I am a female with pale white skin so was told I was a perfect candidate.

I kept the results buy having 70% glycolic peels and was very happy then the nurse changed to AHA BHA and in MArch 09 the pigmentation started returing not sure if this was because of the change of peel.

I booked for IPL again she used the same setting as last but this time one side of my top lip swelled and blistered an hour or so after treatment. Why did this happen when the setting was ok last time?

It is 6 months on now and the pigmentation is still there in the shape of the round burn, all redness has gone and there is a small pock mark too which has darker pigment in it. The other side I appear to have about half the pigmentation return and two new spots. SHould i go back for IPL and ask for a lower setting or not bother, should I swith back to 70% glycolic peel? I dont have spotty or acne skin, just slightly oily.

PIH from IPL burn, setting too high?
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