Breast Aug 25 Years Ago - Can Scar Tissue Be Removed from Muscle Tissue?

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I had a breast augment 25 yrs ago. I had the...

I had a breast augment 25 yrs ago. I had the silicone implants (which ruptured) removed and replaced with saline 15 years ago. I had a capsulectomy but apparently ther was some silicone that remained in the tissue of my left breast. I had a small lump the size of a marble which proved to be scar tissue (had this addressed 10 years ago) Now,the scar tissue seems to be increasing and migrating down my pectoral muscle. If I grab my pectoral muscle I now have a mass about 2.5 inches in diameter that runs alomg the muscle. It's starting to restrict my neck a little and generally bug me. I've been assured for the last ten years that it is scar tissue but I am getting concerned.

I would never never get get silicone implants and wish I had known about saline back in the early 1980's. My doctor placed the implants under the muscle and they look great after 25 years and I am very pleased with them asthetically.

Can scar tissue (encapsuled silicone) be removed from muscle tissue? My saline implants still look perfect and are soft.
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