One Eye More Swollen and Smaller After Eyelid Surgery

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I had lower and upper eye surgery. The left eye...

I had lower and upper eye surgery. The left eye swelled up much more post operatively. The cut under the eye lid looks about one mm longer on left side on eye lid where eye lids meet. The stitch on this side seemed to join upper lid to bottom lid. The left eye is much smaller and feels tighter. It is 9 days post operatively.

It was a realtively pain fee operation except for bruising. I did it because my top eye lids where drooping and lower lid has bags.

I am worried that he has sewed the corner of my eye and that it will never open as much as the right eye. Also have a small pocket of swelling under eye on cheek bone area. Could this still be residual swelling as the left eyelid is still slightly lower than the right? I still have sensitivity on right eye to light and does not close competely. The left lid feels like it is heavier and closes easier.
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