No Peeling Two Days After 12.5% at Home TCA Peel

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I have recently bought the 12.5% TCA peel off the...

I have recently bought the 12.5% TCA peel off the Makeup Artists Choice website for the first time. I wanted to lighten the skin on my face up, so i thought that by using the TCA peel it would peel off the dead and damaged skin off and reveal the new skin underneath. The cons so far have been that i haven't seen any results that i thought i should be seeing.

It is Day 2 after applying the 12.5% TCA peel and i haven't seen any thing happen to my skin. I followed all the directions in the package but it has not darkened it only feels a little tight. I have not experienced any flaking or peeling. How long will it take for my skin to peel? And if it dosen't peel at all how long should i wait before applying it again to my face?

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I have read reviews that say the TCA peel works perfectly i probably need a higher strength or needed to apply another layer of the serum onto my skin. I don't know whether i applied it wrong because nothing is happening.

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