VASER Hi-Def Strange Result on Abs and Chest

Pro's: Definitely an improvement of some degree...

Pro's: Definitely an improvement of some degree from where I was. Results look natural, though I did request that.

Con's: Down time - 4 weeks of compression garments. Not sure if I'm completely happy with the resutls yet.

Why I did it: I wanted a look that my genetics did not afford me. I did my best with diet and excersise but could only go so far.

I had the Vaser high def procedure a couple of weeks ago on abs and chest. When I saw the results on the second day after the procedure I was very impressed. Now two weeks in and I look at the results and much of the definition I saw initially on my abs and chest has disappeared (my girlfriend also agrees) ! I am less sore and swollen, have been wearing a compression garment 24 hours a day and my diet has been clean. I though if anything the results should improve, not diminish....hence I just can't understand this. I would very much appreciate if anyone could kindly offer and explanation as my doc is on holidays ? I am worried... Thanks a lot !
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Not sure...time will tell

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