In the Midst of Invisalign Treatment - New York, NY

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So far so good. My dentist is excellent. I'll...

So far so good. My dentist is excellent. I'll be able to comment more fully once my treatment has been completed but it looks as though it's going well; my dentist has said I won't even need any refinements!

I'm in the midst of invisalign treatment. I will have five more trays for my lower teeth than for my uppers and am also getting two porcelain veneers placed on my upper lateral incisors. My question is, will I be able to get the veneers on my upper teeth as soon as I've completed the last tray for my uppers, or will I have to wait until the lower teeth are fully straightened too? Thanks in advance for your help!

Updated 7/26/11

Invisalign worked to a point but after a set of refinements my dentist decided to try old fashioned lingual braces for 2 months.  That still didn't straighten one tooth so he basically used filler to give the tooth the appearance of being straight.  I was a little bit disappointed (I could have had that done without getting any braces at all) but was otherwise satisfied with the results.

Unfortunately, because he put veneers on the top teeth while the refinements continued on the bottom, by the time he took the impressions for my vivera retainers (when the bottoms were done) my top teeth had become slightly crooked again.  He said that he'd try to get invisalign to do a refinement through the viveras but I don't think that actually happened; it's a year later and I'm on my second set of vivera retainers, but my teeth have not returned to that initial straightness.  My teeth look a lot better than when I started but I am dissatisfied with my top teeth.  Most of the fault here lies with my dentist but I would also say that Invisalign could be more flexible  about refinements and willing to help out through the Vivera retainers when such mistakes are made.

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