Evolance and Perlane Combined

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I wanted to treat the nasal fold lines and fill in...

I wanted to treat the nasal fold lines and fill in the wrinkles and sags in the chin area. My dermatologist suggested Evolance for the nasal lines and Perlane for the chin. After 1 week, I felt it looked good but the chin wasn't filled in enough, so he recommended adding Evolance to the chin. I was a little concerned about mixing Evolance to an area that had already been treated with Perlane but he said it would be OK.

My only problem now is that I think some of the product ended up in my lower lip (possibly from the position of the injection or the massaging after injection). Don't quite know now what to do in the future.

Do I wait for the product to run it's course or is there a way to get this out of my lip sooner? I am finding that I have a perpetual sore inside my lip because of the uneven size. When I bite I often now end up biting my lip. Also, could this have anything to do with the two products in the same area?

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