My Nose is More Curved Than my Other Side After Rhinoplasty

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It has been over 6 weeks after my rhinoplasty and...

It has been over 6 weeks after my rhinoplasty and my nose is more curved them my other side. I went to see my doctor and told me what might caused the problem but I wasn't listening as I was so angry. He told me to massage my nose over to the other side and said if this does go away within in 3 months I will need surgery. I have booked myself to see a ENT specialist for a second opinion.

The reason I went through my surgery is because I had a wide nose and I wanted to make it thinner. I also had a breast augmentation... I had very saggy breasts from weight loss My first doctor I went to suggested I go with a cone shape implant, he was a ENT specialist. As I was getting my nose done I thought he would be a good doctor, he suggested I go around 375cc. Then I went to a doctor that was not a ENT specialist but previous friends went to him and said he was really good.. one had rhinoplasty, one had a breast lift and one of my friends daughter went to see him as she was born with a cleft palate. So I decided to go with him and he was less expensive than the first doctor and had previous patients say he was good.

My breast are ok I think... they are not high profile and they look natural.. I think I am a bit worried as they maybe a bit saggy. I think I wanted them to look more high profile.. they sit very nice from the side and when I lay down. I am confused and worried and don't want them to sag even more.

Was this caused by my body's reaction or was it my surgeon fault and is it fixable? Please help :(
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I am still undecided

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