My 10 Month Journey to Finally Getting Smart Lipo (Upper/lower Abs and Flanks)

September 12, 2009WARNING: this will be a long...

September 12, 2009

WARNING: this will be a long description of my journey through smart lipo AND I have uploaded a picture that may make someone feel queasy - so don't read if you don't want the REAL story and real pictures.

What I had done on September 11, 2009: upper and lower abdomen and flanks.

Time it took: 5 hours.

I will also update this journal periodically through the weeks and the months since I just had Smart Lipo yesterday and have no "after" pictures yet. I'm writing this long journal because I suspect there could be someone out there that will benefit from my 10 months of research. So here goes...

If it was written or if there was a video or if (best of all) there were before and after pictures - I read and watched it. I even set up daily Google Alerts to send me recent articles about liposuction, liposculpture, laser lipo, smart lipo, cool lipo, vaser lipo, Liposuction abroad, PAL lipo, Zerona and many more. Hopefully you can see that this was not a quick decision and one I researched VERY carefully before I did it. This Real Self forum was of some help, but I can tell you after doing so much research there's alot people on here who don't know what they don't know.

Hang in here with me. I will get to telling you my story from yesterday, but I think its important I set the stage for you.

One thing I read is that you MUST select your doctor carefully. I absolutely agree, but how do you do that? Some people thought it was simply by selecting a board certified plastic surgeon. Well I can tell you I would not in a million years go to the board certified plastic surgeon in our area. I've heard too many stories. OK, so if I go to one out of my area, how do I know who to select? Isn't it kind of like "buyer's beware"? And what if I go out of the country? Now THAT seems like a big risk just to save a few bucks. My final conclusion is it comes down to talking with other patients of that doctor who's been through the same procedure! And the only way to do that is to get the names and phone numbers of his/her real patients. If your doctor does not have lots and lots of written testimonials and also real phone numbers to call - RUN! I don't care what board certified him. Remember in every medical class there are the top students and the bottom students and they ALL have md after their names.

I'm sitting here writing this less than 12 hours after having my smart lipo done and I have NO PAIN. None. And I am not on any pain medicine. Not even tylenol. Yes I took pain medicine before going to bed last night and again 2 times during the night (just in case), but believe me I need nothing today. Read some of the other reviews on this website and you'll see many comments about horrible, high, tolerable, or simply uncomfortable pain. hmmm....I wondered how that could be? Did I have a high tolerance for pain? I don't think so, because I simply don't have any pain! Now do I want someone to punch me in the stomach or do 150 crunches - of course not.

Here's my theory. Now I don't have any hard evidence. No double blind study to prove what I'm going to say, but after 10 months and after spending 5 hours yesterday grilling my doc during the procedure, this is my conclusion.

There's smart lipo, cool lipo, vaser lipo, pal and more coming out every day. Each of these have a certain way of doing things. Smart lipo uses laser. Cool lipo uses ultrasound. Some machines have a higher frequency which allows the doc to do things quicker. My doc said ultrasound has the potential to burn. Ouch! Don't want that. Some docs use the higher frequency machines because they can get it done quicker and therefore more procedures during the day and of course make more money! My doc took 5 hours!!! That means he can only do 1 of these procedures every day. He uses the lower frequency smart lipo machine and takes his gentle time. He also told me that it's all in the hands. Some docs are too quick and simply don't have the right "feel". No certification is going to tell you that.

My doc also combined smart lipo with PAL (power assisted lipo). After he injected me with the numbing stuff that blew up my belly (more than it already was :>) he used the pal machine to suction out the fat. Actually it was kind of cool. Kind of like a gentle massage. Now I've read on other websites that pal can be rough. Don't know, but MAYBE it is the higher frequency kind of this again. Maybe it's all in the "hands" using it. All I can say it was no problem for me.

Another thing I read on this site was how much some people HATE the compression garment. Not me. I love it. Feels really nice. Now maybe if I had it done during the heat of a blistering summer I might feel differently, but it is kind of nice.

Here's one thing in all my research I didn't realize. The doc put 4,800 cc's of the numbing stuff in my belly. 350 cc's came out during the suctioning process. So that means there 4,450 still inside that has to get out somehow. The miracle body begins to absorb and get rid of it itself, but tons start to leak out of the 10 tiny incisions the doc made in my belly. We have towels, plastic bags on everything I sit on. My husband didn't sleep with me last night because he didn't want to get wet. (He did threaten to make me sleep in a tent outside.) We bought one of those big blue tarps and covered the entire bed for me to sleep on and just layed an old sheet on top of the tarp. With those 3 pain pills, I slept like a log! Another thing you need to know is that you MUST have someone to help you. You cannot get this compression garment (girdle :>)on by yourself. And you'll go through a bunch of maxi pads over all the holes. It looks hilarious! I've gone past menopause so it's a great way to use up what I had left over. And here's the funniest thing. The garment has a hole in the crotch so you can go pee without taking it all off (sorry, have to de-girdle for the other thing).

Now for THE most important thing. How many of these procedures has your doc done? Mine - bless his medical soul - was one of the first in the country to get on the smart lipo bandwagon and after 3 years of doing 4 a week has done more than most any other doc in the country. Maybe that's why I have NO PAIN. He's pretty experienced and I CAN tell you has very gentle hands. None of this jabbing in and out that you see on those plastic surgery television shows. He even has other docs from all over the country fly in and get training from him. (I told you this would be long. Thanks for hanging in there with me.)

But the REAL test is the results. You can see by the pictures I am not your toned, fit 30 year old who simply wanted her little pooch taken care of. And I am more than 25 pounds overweight. But!! For the past 2 years I have gone to a Crossfit gym a couple times a week. I can deadlift 220 pounds. A normal workout would be 150 pullups, 150 situps, 150 pushups (knees for me) and a mile run. (yes...I do have to crawl back to my car)

Ok. Ok. If I had faithfully stayed on the Zone diet, Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig for the rest of my life I could probably have dumped the extra pounds. So call me lazy. I wanted a quick start. So I took the Smart Lipo plunge after 10 months of research. Stayed tuned and see if my results warranted the cost.

Oh. That reminds me. Cost. Be VERY, VERY careful when you compare costs from this website or from doc to doc. My belly was bigger than little miss fit who gets it done and so cost a bit more. I also had upper and lower abdomen done along with the flanks. That's 4 sections in all. Price should be the last thing you compare. I don't think you are really comparing apples to apples. And if my doc cost the $6,800 and you can find one in timbuck2 for $5,000 wouldn't you really want the one who has the most experience with gentle hands and can give you the best results with no pain? hmmmm....seems to make sense to me.

Now for the gross picture I put online: my fat that was taken out. 1,200 cc's! Gone. never to fill up and spill over my jeans again. yipee! The bloody stuff you see at the bottom is that 350cc's I told you about of the numbing stuff.

Well, there you have it. Stay tuned. More to come in a week.

September 18, 20091 week post op and things are...

September 18, 2009

1 week post op and things are going well.  Bruising is going away. Feeling is coming back. And tenderness is getting better.

I'd love to hear your feedback on my pictures, but all in all I'm real pleased with my first week progress.  I see a difference.  Can you?

Yesterday I was in the doc's office to buy a 2nd compression garment.  I even got 1 size smaller!  Take it from the 1-week post-lipo expert: YOU NEED TWO GARMENTS!  Have one in the wash and laying out to dry while you wear your other.

The success of this surgery comes down to 4 things.  Mess any one of these up and you have the potential of being diappointed with the results. Here they are:

1. Pick your doctor very, very carefully!!!  Don't be bambozzled into thinking they have to have some sort of certificate hanging on the wall. Ask to talk to real patients who will tell the real stories. Find out how many procedures he/she has done.  Bottom line it's worth finding an experienced gentle artisan who'll take the time to do it right.

2. Wear your compression garment 23 out of 24 hours for as long as recommended by your doctor (mine says 6 weeks for me). There's some really cool pics online from the garment maker that explains in graphic detail why you must do this.

3. Eat healthy foods.

4. Don't expect to be cast for baywatch within the first several weeks.  Liz in the office yesterday told me her story how she was 6 weeks post op and was in the same or bigger size clothes.  Doc told her it would come and she said it was just in a few days and she dropped two sizes.  I was prepared so wasn't looking for Pam Anderson to be looking back from the mirror at me. (would have been nice, though)'s my days after surgery. No pain pills after the first night!

Friday - surgery day. 5 hours. Home and sleep for a couple of hours. No very hungry.
Saturday - up at 7 and off to the mall around noon to shop then to the grocery store
Sunday - church in the morning and 6 over for dinner. Afternoon photoshop as an assistant to daughter who's a professional photographer
Monday - back to work as normal
Wednesday - Trade show all day.  Home by 11:30 p.m.

Not your slam, bam, yank it out old lipo surgery I watched on tv.  this has been a breeze.

Oh, one more thing...I was wrong in my first post.  I only had 3 procedures done: upper, lower abs and flanks.  I was thinking and counting the flanks as two (two sides).  They're counted as one.

Watch for new pics and new update next Friday.

Until then: let the garment wearers unite! :>)

September 27, 2009Two weeks post op and still...

September 27, 2009

Two weeks post op and still feeling terrific.  I am getting back into clothes I haven't worn in years. It's a nice feeling - even if the styles have changed.

I'm not uploading pictures this week.  In fact, I'm not going to upload another picture until week 6 - by which time I should see the most dramatic improvement.

Suffice it to say that I'm seeing muscles show through I knew I had, but hadn't seen in 20 years. It's kind of cool.

Bruising is all gone.

I'm getting used to the girdle. If it gets really annoying I take it off for about 15 minutes and put it back on and all is well again.

1 week after surgery I bought my second girdle which was a size smaller.  I'm almost thinking I could even go down another size but have decided two is enough for now.

I know I'm still swollen because my insides are still a bit tender when I push hard.  There's alot of healing that had to take place, but it's coming along nicely.

I'm anxious to get back to the gym.  I have started walking again, but would like to do some heavy duty crossfit routines.  Another couple of weeks the doc says.  I have to give it a bit of time. I did finally admit to my trainer by email that I had lipo done (she wondered where I had been).

I can't quit looking in the mirror and the mirror had my enemy for years. I'm super pumped to continue on a healthy diet and exercise routine.  This has really, really, really been a great experience and one I still highly recommend for a quick start to a body transformation!

October 7, 20093 1/2 weeks post op. ...

October 7, 2009

3 1/2 weeks post op.  Yesterday something so funny happened to me I had to post this morning.  I went back to the clothing store I bought a tight outfit before my surgery to pick up another outfit and to show off my slimmer figure (1 size smaller too I might add).  The girls were oh'ing and ah'ing when a customer at the counter asked - did you have lipo with Dr. Peers? She then said she had read a story about him on and she was scheduled for surgery on Oct 16th. Then she asked: are you creekwatcher? Yep - that's me and that was my post. Now what's the chances of THAT happening?  We were 45 minutes from his office in a totally different city.  Too cool!

South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is so kind, so gentle, so experienced with Smart Lipo I can't imagine going anywhere else. Oh, and his assistant Andrea is a hoot! Fun, cute, charming and so helpful. She'll be your next best friend when you're done.

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