Upper Arms, Thighs, Hips and Abs - Swelling Post Smart Lipo

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I've also had my upper arms completed. They...

I've also had my upper arms completed. They turned out beautifully.

I really like my doctor and his assistants. Although I've not been happy with the continued swelling my doctor has supported me through this ordeal and has not charged me for the massages twice a week.

I had smart lipo revision on my thighs, hips and...

I had smart lipo revision on my thighs, hips and abs four months ago. I have extensive swelling (16 pounds) in all of these areas. I've tried five vella smooth (heat massage) and 10 cool massage treatments without any success. Has anyone else experienced this. I'm told this is rare and to be patient. -- Updated on Mar 13, 2010: I am now nearly 8 months post smart lipo on thighs, hips and abdomen. I've worn grated compression garments daily and now wearing mechanical compression for five hours a day. I have taken lasix, had extensive blood work, CT scan, ultrasounds, and undergone both the heated and cool deep lymphatic massage treatments twice weekly. The only issue was a low vitamin D level subsequently I started 50,000 ICU of Vit. D. I continue to have extensive inflammation in all areas that were completed. The inflammation is isolated to these areas. I have been 14 pounds and 2 pants sizes heavier since the date of the procedure with no change at all despite daily exercise and increased protein intake. My doctor says this is unheard of and no other physician has ever experienced this. Is it possible I have had an allergic reaction to the solution. What is in the solution? I did not have this same experience when I had my arms done nearly a year ago. They turned out great. I am appealing to anyone for solutions. Thanks
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