Misinformed on Sculptra

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I have had two sculptra treatments for facial fat...

I have had two sculptra treatments for facial fat loss, the last one on 5 Jun.

I noticed a nodule on 22 Jun. When I reported this to the Dr I was advised to vigorously message the area, the nodule became larger. I contacted the Dr a second time and was given a cortizone shot and told that it may or may not solve the problem and that nodules are just part of getting sculptra.

I was never informed of the possibility of a nodule(s) appearing or that there was little or no treatment available. I paid good money to make myself look and feel better and ended with a noticeable nodule on my cheek. If I had known that nodules were a possibility I would have skipped this procedure.

Patricia L. Brown

Possible side effects were not revealed and knowing that there is a possibility - no certain treatment exist

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