Microdermabrasion Does Not Work for Thicker, Oilier Skin Types

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I have been getting *series* of microdermabrasion...

I have been getting *series* of microdermabrasion over the years. First at a dermatologists office and then at aesthetician's office. The different between going to an MD and a 'beauty clinic' is merely the machines that can be used. I feel the nurse who did the first two microdermabrasion sessions was not as informed or skilled as the aesthetician. I have never had microdermabrasion performed for more than 20 minutes. I have seen them advertised as taking longer for the whole face so either I have gotten ripped off or else "45-60 minute" microdermabrasion sessions involve a facial or other added fluff.

Microdermabrasion never made a temporary and definitely not a longer term improvement in my skin. I have at least seen improvement after chemical peels, but *never* with microdermabrasion.

I have oily, acne prone, *thick* skin. I have had aestheticians tell me this and the one who performed the microderm said that the top layer of my skin is a millimiter or more thicker than normal so it would take more and more frequent sessions with microderm to make a dent.

For the cost, I have figured that microderm is a waste of time. I have had a series done of 4-6 every week twice a few years apart. Each time, the result was almost non-existent.

Microdermabrasion is physical exfoliation. I have figured out that for me *chemical* exfoliation is the best way for me to go and I have had at least one other aesthetian agree with me. Also, for me pain, discomfort, and "down time" are NOT concerns, especially since any legitimate skin procedure is a significant expense.

I would MUCH rather do a series of peels for a similar amount of money as microdermabrasion.

PS If you really do want to go for physical exfoliation, I'd recommend *dermabrasion* for results. A single microdermabrasion is *nothing* compared to the real thing. In old school days (the 70s?) the doctor would basically brush your skin with still wool and abrade the heck out of it.

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