I had Mixto laser resurfacing two days ago - So Far So Good - Tucson, AZ

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I had Mixto laser resurfacing two days ago to help...

I had Mixto laser resurfacing two days ago to help improve the appearance of my acne scaring and so far everything is going pretty much according to what the doctor said would happen.

It was a little more painful in some areas than what I expected but I guess that's different for everyone, for me it was my forehead, sides of my cheeks and under my eyes. I think that my swelling wasn't as bad as I expected it to be or even as bad as a lot of the pictures I've seen posted. I attribute that to staying off of sugar, taking as much vitamin C as am able to, drinking green tea, eating foods that are anti inflamitory and getting a lot of rest, (do the research on this stuff) its working so far for me.

I would also recommend having your doctor do a test spot about two weeks before, that should, to some extent be able to show you if you are going to heal correctly and it gives you an idea of what to expect the day of.

The only problem I'm having, which I was expecting to have, is that I'm breaking out with little white heads. I have very sensitive skin so my doc told me to expect this since the laser irritates the subeacous glands plus I'm coated in aquafor. I hope I start peeling tomorrow, once I do I can start treating the break out.

I hope this helps someone and I hope it works for me. I do expect to have to treat the scared areas again in 6 months. I'll post photos when its all done.

Nicole Taylor - Tuscany Med Spa

I recommend my doctor because she is very thorough, totally let me know what I should expect, she wasn't trying to force me to do this, and so far she been great to deal with.

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