Botox Injections for Frown Lines Between Eyebrows (Age 32)

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I made botox injection yesterday between my...

I made botox injection yesterday between my eyebrows,(for frown lines). I'm 32 and this was my first time. The doctor injected directly on the wrinkles area but he also made 2 injections (per one on each side) at the place where eyebrows end, a bit upper and very close to hair. (temples) Is it a normal technique?

I am very concerned as the doctor seemed to be extremely careless. He did not ask any questions about medicines I take, or alcohol (I drank just before the treatment day , he said it's ok). He did not warn not to message the area, and I did. Now I read it can spread botox to other areas.

I am really threatened now waiting for side effects to appear like eye closing or smth. thank you!

Hi, massaging and alcohol did not cause any side...

hi, massaging and alcohol did not cause any side effects so far. I think I just paniced too much after reading some reviews.

I would suggest taking anti-allergic meds for 10 days after botox, to avoid flu-like symptoms, sinusits or swelling etc.

I did and it helped me. (Im allergic to many things, and have chronical sinusits)


Messaging may cause closed eye?
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