Radiesse Injected to Augment Nose Bridge

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I had Radiesse injected 11 months ago to augment...

I had Radiesse injected 11 months ago to augment my nose bridge and was thinking about getting it done again this month since most of it has dissipated. However, I heard horror stories about granulomas that can develop after a few years. I'm assuming this is true for the earlier fillers or is this also true for Radiesse? A cosmetic surgeon told me that some of the residues can remain and tissues can grow around them. Are these what form into granulomas over time?

I also have been shopping around for a skilled surgeon for rhinoplasty to enhance my nose bridge, particularly for an Asian nose. I understand that there is no BEST implant out there for rhinoplasty but after some research online I found that it's "best" to use your own cartilage for long term but I was told that my ear cartilage may not be enough to build a bridge. I'm assuming this costs more than using implants?

I need your help deciding if I should go ahead with rhinoplasty or radiesse. I'm on a tight budget but willing to finance for rhinoplasty. I can pay for radiesse and was actually getting prepared to do it again this week but hesitant after hearing those stories. Also, is it possible for a surgeon to "remove" radiesse from my nose if he was to perform rhinoplasty on me? Is this a simple procedure? Hope you can help!

What is the best rhinoplasty procedure for Asian nose bridge augmentation (good for long-term) and what are the long term effects of Radiesse?
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Fortunately, I had a good experience and the swelling went away in three days.

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