Lumps on Both Sides of Septem After Septoplasty

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I had a septoplasty 8 weeks ago due to a deviated...

I had a septoplasty 8 weeks ago due to a deviated septum from birth. It was virtually pain free and my recovery was miraculously quick as I could breathe clearly through my nose after just 3 days

I have what feels like a continuous lump running along both sides of my septum near the bridge of my nose but nowehere near the incision. On the opposite side, the new obstruction is now worse than my original deviation. It feels like something was pushed up after surgery and hasn't come down again. My nose was very tightly packed after surgery. I still get tingling, an itchy tip and my nose aches sometimes so I can't wear glasses. I'm hoping all this just means it's healing nicely.

British National Health Service

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