Single Lumineer to Cover Deformed Tooth - Just Doesn't Quite Look Right

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I got a single lumineer to cover a deformed tooth...

I got a single lumineer to cover a deformed tooth that I have. My natural tooth is much smaller and kinda off. Completely throws off my normal white straight smile. So I thought this one thing could change my whole smile. Wrong! Its bulky bigger than my other lateral on the opposite side. Every time I smile I see it. Sticks out very obvious. Color is about right but is still slightly off. Texture is rough, not smooth like my other teeth. So I feel it when I glide my tongue across my teeth. I wanted a cap not a big bulky tooth to directly go over my old one. To me it just looks off. Shape is completely off and makes me look weird.

Thank goodness these are not permanent. First thing next week I am getting it removed and longing for my old simple tooth back.

This is a good alternative don't get me wrong. Consider this if you have broken teeth or other dental problems. Cosmetically you would need a few and not just one/Or consider customizing your lumineer with your dentist I go through western dental so I cannot very time consuming and not really worth it for me anyways. Removal and some whitening of my naturals and I will be good. Pic coming soon...

Got my lumineer off and feeling so much better.....

Got my lumineer off and feeling so much better...relief. My old tooth wasn't as bad as I remembered and I can whiten my teeth again. Removal is kinda painful plus my actual tooth and gum was having issues from the lumineer it was disrupting my gum causing swelling, redness, and pain. Within a few days was healed and everything was back to normal.

western dental

overall my dentist she is awesome and it's not her fault my lumineer looks weird but at least she tries. She as a professional is very nice, courteous, and family oriented. I go to her for all my dental needs...Will post a pic and her name soon. Thanks

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