Roaccutane/accutane Saved my Life - London

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I had th worst acne after i had my child, i had...

I had th worst acne after i had my child, i had never even had a spot before, i was covered in huge scarring type spots all over my face i was suicidal every day i wouldnt go out.

a great doctor gave it to me and within 6months i was totally spot free, i just wish i had been given it earlier then i wouldnt have scarred, which two lots of co2 laser got rid of. Nothing but roacctane worked and having been a member of the acne society i know from having so many people contact me that roaccutane helped them.

i always think when i read that another person killed them self because of depression because of the roaccutane, that maybe it was because severe acne causes so much real heartache it strips you of your confidence, i know hand on heart if i hadnt had a child i would have killed myself my skin was that bad, im not alking about the odd spots, most people who are put on accutane have tohave severe acneto get it, i think its so sad.

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