Liposuction (Hips, Thighs) Ripples Down the Road

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I had lipo done years ago on my hips and thighs. ...

I had lipo done years ago on my hips and thighs. The surgery went really well and looked like I got a butt lift.

After about 3 years I began working out to get more muscular due to work and noticed that there were areas on my thighs that had divots in them. They were long and thin. Then it occurred to me that perhaps during surgery (which as we all know is not a science) the places that hurt the most had the divots.

The part of your body where muscle meets fatty tissue is not black and white especially with the instrument they use. Is it possible that they removed muscle tissue along with my fat cells and they now are rather deformed?

I had a body fat percentage of 18% when I saw these. I wish I would have know that now b/c the surgery was not worth it in my lower thighs.

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Did not tell of the long-term effects of surgery and wanted to push future surgeries on my face that I did not need. I was already a model!

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