SmartLipo, Body Jet Lipo and Mini Tummy Tuck

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I had Smart Lipo w/ suction on my flanks &...

I had Smart Lipo w/ suction on my flanks & inner thighs, and a 2nd procedure on my abs/mons/chin using Body Jet Lipo w/ suction, in addition to a mini-tummy tuck. I had the 2nd procedure a little over a month ago, so I still have some swelling...however, I'm ecstatic with my results!

I took hormones 3 yrs. ago and couldn't lose an ounce, no matter what, afterward. Lipo has re-set my set point; I even lost a few extra lbs.! Wahoo!

The recovery was a little different than I expected---longer, but not manageable; it was mostly the tenderness and the annoyance of the drains that was the worst. I highly recommend taking the prednisone, as I only did for the 2nd procedure and it made a huge difference. Expect to be tender for a long time, but not in horrible pain. I really think using local anesthesia helped with pain, swelling...and certainly risks!

I am SO glad I did the procedures. I feel sexy again!

Dr. Robert L. True

He is amazing! A great, Christian man with impeccable skills. He is personable, thorough, extremely intelligent, and cutting-edge. He trains other surgeons and uses the latest, safest techniques! He and his staff truly listen to the patients wants and needs. I was thrilled to find a surgeon who doesn't use general anesthesia; they give you medicine to calm you down and even make you sleepy if you prefer not to be awake. We laughed and told stories during the procedure!

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